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Poison Evidence Title

Archaeologists have been quick to adopt technology often used in intelligence gathering for finding and recording sites. This has resulted in some amazing discoveries, including locating entire villages and buried pyramids. This article is a good starting point if you’d like to read more on how archaeologists use the technology.

The technology of intelligence gathering is rapidly changing. Archaeologists and many other scientific disciplines are adapting in sync with the expanded abilities of drones and satellites. Ivy’s inventions, CAM and RON, along with the Air/Underwater Unmanned Vehicle (AUUV), are fictional in the way they are used in Poison Evidence, however they are based on technology that is being developed and could possibly already be in use. Sleeper surveillance drones, artificially intelligent mapping drones, Lidar mapping that works seamlessly above and below water, and vehicles that can autonomously transform from swim to flight are all in development stages (if not already in use) and the role of drones in espionage could well eclipse the traditional role of human intelligence gathering.