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Body of Evidence
Bonus Content

Originally, Chapter One of Body of Evidence ended with the revelation that the man who was depicted on the cover of TIME had been selected as envoy, and he had twenty-four hours to fly to North Korea, or Mara would die. Mara had no clue who had been selected, or if he could make it to North Korea in time. This chapter immediately followed, but I ended up cutting it from the final version, because it slowed the action. But this is how it played out for Curt, even though it wasn’t shown in the book...

Download PDF: Curt's deleted scene (92 kb)
Top-notch page turner! The perfect mix of suspense and romance.

Jill Barnett, New York Times Bestselling Author

The first idea for Body of Evidence chapter graphic (that tiny design that signifies a scene separation or start of a new chapter) was a wave - a nod to the Waikiki beach scene. In execution, my designer created an ominous looking wave - a subtle reference to the malevolent forces outside Mara and Curt's control. I loved it, and it actually inspired the final design.

When I saw the wave graphic, the first thing I said to my designer was that I loved it because it made me think of a raptor's beak, which is a great symbol because it relates to the story. This inspired her to come up with the final design, which she based on a red-shouldered hawk.


You can see the image with the chapter headings by using the "click to look inside" link on Amazon: http://amzn.to/15AAoMA