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Catalyst Title

Readers of my Evidence Series will recognize a certain Russian character in this book and might wonder about the timeline differences between the two series. Where possible, I avoid identifying the exact year in the books, but I will say that Catalyst—set in the “nebulous now” that happens to be spring 2017—takes place about six months before Cold Evidence. If you haven’t read any Evidence Series books but want to know more, you can start with Cold Evidence, where the Russian makes his first appearance.

I couldn’t resist connecting this series to another one of my books, Grave Danger. Set in Bastian’s hometown of Coho, Washington, in the year 2002, Grave Danger is the story of the Kalahwamish Tribe’s treatment by the owners of the historic sawmill town. A romantic mystery, Grave Danger features an archaeologist who digs up an old murder victim, and a police chief who battles both attraction and suspicion from the moment they first meet. You won’t find fifteen-year-old Bastian in the story, but you’ll probably meet him as a teen when I write the sequel.

The issue of girls in the developing world dropping out of school because they have no way to manage their period is real, as is the crisis of famine and civil war in South Sudan. If any part of this story has touched you, and if you can afford to give to those in desperate need, please join me in donating to a charity that sends reusable menstrual panties to the developing world, and/or food aid to South Sudan. Some suggestions are Days For Girls or Pads4Girls for menstrual products, and World Food Programme or Oxfam for food aid.

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